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Far away from the maddening crowds and set in the midst of nature , surrounded by verdant green lawns and graceful thick foliaged trees TSI projects a learner’s paradise , where you can see students are provided the luxury of learning and experiencing nature.

The three building blocks provide sunny and spacious classrooms wherein the child carves out his or her own niche’; freedom to explore and express within a frame work is the hall mark of the Campus where every child is safe , secure and protected .

The campus is a truly a second home to the child, where an open door policy is practiced which enables every child to be heard , where constructive recommendations focuses on skill building and is learner centric , where one’s emotional quotient is respected .

The School infuses confidence into the child through its Inquiry based Learning , Research in Unit of Inquiry (UOI) and Structured Academic Planning where Learning Targets, Approaches to Learning (ATLs) and Assessment Objectives are clearly defined from Grade 1 to Grade 12 .