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Tripada education trust has launched & initiated ‘Tripada Gurukulam’ campus with the objective of providing highly qualitative education to the future leaders of our nation.

To facilitate the practical learning of important knowledge to our students will be our approach & prime priority. This core philosophy of ours has immensely helped us uplift our students’ level of understanding as well as importance life skills.

We are the pioneers to introduce the conception of day boarding school for the students at Viramgam. This has been carried out with a view to providing them with the very best & conducive environment to help them utilize their innate capabilities and put them to the best service of the nation.

I am quite confident this initiative by Tripada Education Trust will prove to be a legendary endeavor in the making of the history of Viramgam.

Mr. Hiren Joshi
Tripada Gurukulam Campus,